February 09, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

We have no class for today for t he school I attended recognize the birthday of the 16th President here in United States of America who is Abraham Lincoln which is today. Actually everyone recognizes this but usually or should the holiday is being held on the next week- 3rd Monday of February of every year(this year- Feb. 16) in honor also of the birthday date of First USA Pres. George Washington. It is celebrated on the 16th (for Late-Presidents: Abrahan Lincoln and George Washington) though the original birthdate of Late-President George Washington is on the 22nd of this month. Many states formerly observed Lincoln's birthday have created a joint holiday to honor both Abraham Lincoln and George Washington , calling it " Presidents' Day " . So then, our school(mine) celebrates twice which is today and on the next Monday. Well then, I can do blogging and updating now, so here I am.. (~_~) .

On the other hand, as I woke up lately, I heard the big raindrops fell down under our roof and on the side of our apartment. It's been four(4) days now beginning Thursday up to this Day(Monday) and I don't know if this will continue for how many days onward. The good is there's no strong wind and the sun still shines for an hour a day, so still I saw sunshine which smiling at me lately after two hours from woke up and after an hour of sunshine, the rain started to fell down again and until now it's raining. This is the long days of raining I witness in here since last year but then I didn't feel awkward or weird since it has been forecasts in the news so it is expected.

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