February 11, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

I'm not really a person who got easily nervous or frightened or let me say scared deeply. Minutes ago my husband called me as I was here in my computer and about to fix myself to go to school for my class. But man! am still thinking of what he said, though I don't want to think a lot and bothered about it but it's something idiomatic or there's something deep in it. Ohhh my God, it really bothers me though he just said "PRAY FOR ME"- this is just only the word he uttered after saying hello and what am I doing, and I said "what happen?", and he answered "no nothing, just get the bible and pray for me". It scared me to death because ever since he didn't told me that. Am thinking it's about his work. I remember 2 days already that he's not in good mood though he don't tell me anything about bad things and now it's one of the idea I guess.. and one time on Saturday- he woke up so early and when I asked him, he said something that got him upset but I didn't did anything except such asking him- and this is the second idea of mine. Now, am thinking it's about his health or work. Ohhh my God.. I hope there's nothing worse.. I can accept if he'll be out of his work because it seems we can already got our own even he don't have work anymore thinking of retirement. I don't know.. my mind got puzzled of what's really the truth. All I am sure is I love him and nothing can against it, I will be with him 'til I have life. We will be together whatever happens. And I can accept consequences for I believe God will not forsaken us. We still have enough resources for living a good life even if he don't work anymore. Haaayy... at least am relieve now.. Thank you for following me my friends, readers, and acquaintances. I gotta go now.. I have to call him again after several calls I made after we talked that he didn't answered- it was his office telephone I dialed as well as I dialed his personal phone(mobile) too. I guess he don't want to talk about this for now. I know he let himself be calm and I should mine too for this is what he want and I respect him.

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