February 22, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

I didn't do much works this day- I update my blog, just went to church, 3 hours of window shop and some shopping, sleep and eat, and blog again. I didn't either bother to cook food. I planned to cook pork afritada and bamboo shoot with canned of fish as well as bake a cake but I got lazy besides my partner wasn't here for a half day. What I did is I just ate the leftover rice from last night and opened a can of tuna to have something on my stomache for brunch before I went to church dropped by my husband and he proceed to his office for overtime. He just brought foods for our dinner so, am relax for this Sunday unlike the last Sunday. I had my general cleaning yesterday so no need to clean much. I will just have wash clothes on Tuesday morning. So time management is in order. So then, I did not miss much vegetables this week because last Wednesday I did cook vegetables with coconut milk with fresh mushrooms; potato(in absence of taro root); spinach(in absence of alugbati); dried fish; fried fresh fish; with knorr cubes, ginger, and iodized salt. In Pinas, we call this ginataang-gulay, and here's what I had :
Did you see the dried fish and fried fish? click the image to enlarge

And my husband's dinner is fried chicken with collard greens, and red beans with small rice with white grape juice.
(And mine is above )
It's buttered corn, mashed potato, fried chicken, and salad and soda. That's it. I can stand now to eat without rice once a day. Before, I used with rice in every meal. It seems I had not eat if no rice present.Well then, how's yours? Tell me some short about it.

Beloved First Commenter : Eden


  1. eden said...
    yummy ginataang gulay. i miss that food already. i havent tried cooking it here.
    dhemz said...
    hahhah..baliktad naman nuon day mo ug kinaon cai no? hehhe....panghatag anang ginat-an dha b? lami ba kayo ana uy...panghilas sad uy...hehhhe!
    vhingF said...
    dried & fried has same taste of a fish....I love it.ayayyy....daw turagsuy bah...hahahaha.
    Cacai_Nad said...
    Thanks all for the marks you left here, and to Ate Vhing, yes you're right it's just of the same taste but sometimes we need dried fish to suit our taste, right Ate? If I know, you also love dried fish like me.. heheheh. Thanks Ate. Have a pleasant day all! (~_~)
    Speedcat Hollydale said...
    I am adding links to my chicken Tuesday ... YOU will have one for this post ((smile))

    The chicken looks VERY good !

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