January 13, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

I woke up at 9 am today with a smile even with such pain on my body somethings like exhausted from my research thing on the web from the past days starting from Jan.04 up to last night and even have one day that I have an overnight research as I have said, and that is I haven't sleep for overnight! Can u imagine that? I know I am stubborn enough that I don't want to do things without my hard work and keeps on asking for I have senses that God provides me and I want to prove to myself that I can and now here I am in front of my portable pc doing blogging! wow.. it's been such an incomparable feeling that I can write what's on my mind. Do u believe that aside from 9 days of sitting in front of my pc, it's also been 4 months and 5 days (Date:09/8/2008 3:55 pm-01/13/2009) to start my blog here? It is about thinking if I have to blog or not. I just want to thank my god sister who is also a blogger for she's the one whom I know that blogging can make money aside from it's a passion. :-) Thank u Te Shaw and other 3 web writers or bloggers that I gain insights with through their blogs, I will reveal their name soon and I'm sure they knew that I read their insights. Thank u guys.. And now I will continue, u know folks it's not easy for me to make a decision especially if it's big and important wherein I can write up my thoughts and free up what's on my mind which u guys all over the world can read. I know when I was still in school that I am good about writing (chaarr..) and a good student and mostly I did best but it's not all about that, it's not all about ability. It's about rules and regulations, set-up, codes, manners, focus, and all or etc. as it reflects to my personality and I don't want to write without good manners and right conduct, untruthful, senseless, and of course without the approval of my behalf. And now I am here all ready and writing! hope u guys follow me from now on... thanks for reading and keep smiling! hugs and kisses.. tsup! (~_~)


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