January 14, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Last year I surprised my husband 's on his birthday through a home set-up supper/ for just the two of us, I prepare his favorite dinner viand cook of mine, the: fried chicken, pork afritada with matching rice and gravy at the top, then birthday cake and some sweet delicacy and of course drinks but of no alcohol, do u know what that drink is? It's Apple Cider! (~_~) I would love to eat if he eats what I cook, so I enjoy having dinner with him at that birthday night. I also gave him a birthday card. He's surprise a lot though he said he don't like to celebrate his birthday, are u wondering why? me too, we're the same. Well have to check it out at the perfect time but for now I will just concentrating on what will I do on this natal day of him. It could not be the same because his doctor let him get rid of oils on his foods so that would mean I can't have a fried chicken even if it's an olive oil, it's still forbidden.. hemmm.. perhaps broiling recipes, that he would love to! And I guess birthday cake which is not so sweet, and still that apple cider or grapes or maybe orange cider for a change of flavor- he also loves that taste. I still give him a birthday card and guess what, I will sing him a song- a birthday song (I don't have a very nice voice but am sure it's not that bad too and I think everybody appreciates when someone do that in special way, are you with me of this guys?). I will buy it later or after this. You know what I told him where the money that I ask yesterday goes? It's for myself need but it's obviously not! and it's between you and me just for now, you know before him (lucky you?)... heheheh.. it's our secret.. sssshhhh.. Probably he will not read this because he is at work and you know that it's no good to do personal stuff at work, right? Perhaps some did that but him, he's a person who's a very obedient to his boss- he loves his works much that sometimes I got jealous 'coz work first before me but am thinking too that he is right for where will we get something to eat if he don't have something to exchange to buy goods for food? payment for the bills and services? for basic needs and secondary needs included too.. sometimes.. So much for this chitchat we have for now folks, I gotta go for I still have to prepare stuffs for myself for I said, I have to buy for this special of him and besides he will be home 15 min. from now and I have to prepare his food- salad for his lunch, and that he could also drop me by at the store as he goes back to his work. So see you all guys how was this going on.. I will probably take a pic of this folks. Happy Wednesday! smile.... muahhh!


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