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June 01, 2012

You may already know that my taste-bud has already like eating fresh vegetable salads which is a no-no for me before. I could not content my happiness that very first time I love to eat it. It seems a miracle to me, but it already happen. Whew! Now I am loving it!

Ever since I love vegetable salads, I haven't eaten all my share of exactly the same of what I had before. And you bet, I am so happy about it. Thinking of learning and loving what I can taste and eat just amazes me. My thoughts exactly. Ah, this must be because of my dieting huh! If such, then I must be glad I bump into this journey. Ooh yes, who would not like being a mother? I say such because I gain a lot of weight of having my baby girl and I never regretted even a very little. In fact, I love it much. It's just that, I have to loss weight to which I did and continue doing or maintaining at least. :-) I am just two pounds (2 lbs) away from my pre-pregnancy weight now after having a crash diet to which I lost five-six pounds (5-6 lbs) so not bad, isn't it?

And now, if I don't like eating the pure fresh vegetable salads or the ones that we used to buy in our favorite food chain for such, then I just have to buy the pomegranate dressing, my favorite ever. I now have the buddy for such. Yay! :-)

Have a great day everyone!

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