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June 01, 2012

Breakfast or Brunch (in the middle of breakfast and lunch), it is a time for me and DH (and everyone) to have this biscuit sandwich and a french pies pie with that orange juice as shown in the image below. (You can click the image to enlarge by the way, should you like to.)
Apparently, this was my brunch lately. One of my favorite American Breakfast. :-) DH and I loves it! But as much as I like eating french fries even just such alone, my taste bud just won't accept such fries pie to eat together with such, so ended up in a trash. Sorry fries pie. :-(

How about you, what's your breakfast or brunch menu lately? Do you like what I had? If so, how do you like it? Have a great Friday everyone!

May 28, 2012

Just about minutes ago, DH went to a food chain and bought the biscuit sandwiches along with a pie fries and orange juice. With that biscuit in a sandwich, it has a rectangular egg and patty in the middle then I a ketchup (optional but I put mine). I so love it as much as DH. Ha! Such breakfast in our table was only good for DH and I since our little lady Sam cannot eat that yet.

I do not know if you are familiar or this is your typical breakfast menu. This is not our typical one but I like it! And yes, I love it! It's not my first taste but I can say it just like as it is my first time. You know what I mean? I bet, you got it. You got the feeling of giddy imagining your breakfast is coming and it will going to put on your platter. Ha! :-))

Yep, I had a great breakfast. Smile. :-)  What about you, do  you like such foodie?

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