May 28, 2012

Just about minutes ago, DH went to a food chain and bought the biscuit sandwiches along with a pie fries and orange juice. With that biscuit in a sandwich, it has a rectangular egg and patty in the middle then I a ketchup (optional but I put mine). I so love it as much as DH. Ha! Such breakfast in our table was only good for DH and I since our little lady Sam cannot eat that yet.

I do not know if you are familiar or this is your typical breakfast menu. This is not our typical one but I like it! And yes, I love it! It's not my first taste but I can say it just like as it is my first time. You know what I mean? I bet, you got it. You got the feeling of giddy imagining your breakfast is coming and it will going to put on your platter. Ha! :-))

Yep, I had a great breakfast. Smile. :-)  What about you, do  you like such foodie?


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