February 13, 2013

 I am fortunate enough that a company of 10DollarMall.com by chance gave me gift card in exchange for a review here in my blog. As always, I give my honest review of how I find it. FYI, I am a picky shopper when it comes to clothes, shoes and accessories. I am a savvy person but likes to have quality ones. I can even find myself hours of checking just to get what I really like to get. Ooh well, I am a woman! :)

Okay. First, all the goods they are selling (clothing, shoes and accessories for all members of the family) is just $9.99 and below. Nothing more. Compared to the big malls stuffs like these, it's like " really? " thing. As in, you will be surprised of how cheap the goodies are. Looking at its quality, it's no difference. It's just the price that differs about 5 bucks or so. If you don't care about small store (or they call it mall, so it's little mall) and you live in Chula Vista, San Diego, California, then you are good to go for an incomparable cheap price. Much more if you know how to take a look of the goodies, you have a choice of shopping online just like what I did.

As you can see on my left side, I have been wearing a Red Dress with Rhinestones and Shawl on it. This is the biggest find I got. It's so beautiful, it's original price is about 50 bucks. Oh, ha! Savvy me, eh? :) Again, it's a great find. I got it at its Wholesale Clothing(particularly in here: http://www.10dollarmall.com/p/red-dress-with-rhinestones-and-shall). Ooh yeah, what a great dress for Valentines Day or any day occasion or a cocktail party, isn't it? Also I got the Navy Sweat Suit on the third pic above, it's just a little long for me which is so usual for just a 5'2 height me. Ooh well. Smile. :) Its Black Cutout Scarf With Shredded Button is great. I love it as the hat and the scarf are together. Great for a cool weather these days along with the sweat suit. I got my baby girl a Beige and Pink 3pcs Track Suit and its cool as shown in the right corner (though, it's really of a cheap-y clothing but since it allows to warm her up then that's all matters and besides our place won't experience snow ever, so it's just fine. It's still great because of that fact. :)

My DH spoiled me of not to get something for himself instead she let me get for me in behalf of him. And so I got two hats: one is Ivory Floppy Bucket Summer Hat with Bow (obviously it is for summer, I just got it in preparation for Summer or Spring {since I live in an area where snow won't fall, so even if it's just Spring, it's more of Summer time} and I love the Ivory Summer Hat! The other one is a Black Fuzzy Soft Beanie which came out to be my new favorite hat during windy or cold days, yes I love it! The last but not the least, I got the Coral Straps Wedge Pumps to pair to pair with the red dress. Not that I thought it should be, it is dry in color and about orange not red, its heel also is not rubber but plastic makes it hard for me to use it. I tried to return but it's a hassle because I have to shoulder a return shipping fee, I just then decided to just stash it and if there's a chance that I can change its heel from plastic to rubber, then I'll do it. I think the color  and the long height will just be fine. All in all, I'm a happy camper! The shipping fee is reasonable. They also have a secure shopping checkout just like any other online store and they accept PayPal.

So, why don't you try and check it out for yourself? Happy shopping! :)


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