July 05, 2012

Do you love grilling during summer? I am one of those grill addict! I don’t know what to call it but I really love grilled foods.  Fish, chicken, pork, beef are the most likes and most wanted for me. I miss them actually, it is now time to do the grilling once again. I am planning to do it one of these days when we will be settled in at home. I cannot promise to do it alone because I have Sam to attend first.

For those who loves grilling, we are in the same boat! Grilled foods are healthy and they are delicious and super yummy right? Way back in Philippines, it is very easy to order grilled food in the restaurant and they really are oozing and tempting. So I do really miss it! Here, you must have to do on your own to eat such delicious food that you’ve missed from your birth or origin country or you will pay an extra, extra more bucks for somebody to do it for you (services from restaurant). Ouch! Okay, I usually do broiling instead of grilling since I can do it inside the house, turn on the timer and done! I can even broil dried fish which is so yummy-delicious in the oven to which hubby doesn't care (well, I heard that most American husbands does care when wife does it because of its odor? Am a lucky wife! Wink.). Okay, I just gave you a tip about cooking dried fish without a cooking oil if you cannot do it by grilling (also to be sure, make it when hubby isn't at home, do it in the name of odor?). Wink.


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