June 28, 2012

I grew up in a family that always keep a fruit to eat every day, whatever the fruit can be.  It is a great journey despite of some lacks of wants and even needs. An apple, banana, an orange and alike. We always have a bite or two, because it is really good for our body. If you can remember the saying, "an apple a day can make a doctor away" , well, it is true. In my experience, eating fruits daily gets our body immune to any harmful diseases. For it increases the risk of such illness like for example colds, cough, high fevers and even cancer as well. It also serves as an anti-oxidant to our body that sweep away all the bad things on our stomach, and also gives fiber. Drink milk every day, for it gives an amount of calcium and makes our bones strong as ever. Eating vegetables also is a tip for stressful people, for it can revitalize our cells and make a new one which can produce an outward glow on our skin also. If we are to remember, our moms always tells us to keep eating greens, and others say “eat your broccoli” . And yes, that’s very true, try some now and be stress-free!


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