April 03, 2012

Of myself. I just then realize that I only ate once lately (dinner) which supposedly thrice all (one for breakfast, lunch and dinner). The hungry had passed. But lately as I woke-up in the middle of the night to feed my Sam, I felt uneasy. As in looked like my knees chilled. It seemed like I feel very cold but after I ate 3 pieces of my favorite nutty slice bread and a cup of "ovaltine with fresh milk", I felt great (that is why I am still here now blogging. Ha ha! Ooh well, I didn't like standing in the kitchen (or anywhere else) also lately to which I supposed to continue cleaning my Sam's feeding bottles. So what I did was just blogging. Yes, just sit and relax and just let my mind flow with the help of writing. I am in good mood to do posting now which is great. After this, I like to continue my kitchen and in-sink chores. So, should I have to say "bye" in advance? Okay, bye. See you next time. Thanks for reading this journey and steps of mine. I like to share my random thoughts to which I hope my experience helps you in any thing good.

You have a great day! ~hugs&kisses~


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