April 02, 2012

(Thanks to Isaac Peterson for contributing this article.)

It can happen where free shipping is fraudulent or nonredeemable, but these are not issues you have to worry about with FreeShipping. Scams for free shipping may exist, and the lure of free shipping scams can be a hard one to spot even for the most avid online shoppers. Thankfully, with a little bit of consumer education and wisdom we can sort through the junk to find real gems like FreeShipping.

I’ll tell you why I’m so confident in the package of rewards you can get with a FreeShipping membership. I’m confident in the value of signing up because they’ve set up a system that is relatively simple to use and that is also truly applicable to a wide number of online shopping situations. It’s this easy: sign up for a membership for a few bucks a month, then use your membership to redeem rebates for free shipping, free return shipping, and other select discounts. You also get a bunch of members-only consumer advocacy and protection tools, making your shopping experience superior to the average online shopper. With thousands of merchants participating in the program, you have endless opportunities for smart and hassle-free shopping.

Another reason I’m on board with what the people at  FreeShipping  are doing is that they are taking an approach that’s super user-friendly. Their website is complete with a huge amount of information designed to educate their members on all the specifics of the program. The more informed you are about your membership, the more you are going to be able to save by using it. FreeShipping knows this, and they know that by helping their members to get acquainted with and use their services on a regular basis, they are not only making for happier consumers, but are making a better business that grows and expands daily.


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