February 18, 2012

It's past 12 midnight already here. Well, three (3) minutes passed, that is. Yes, it is and am still here. Why? Apparently because I have something to do in my lappy-toppy or do the updates. It has been long time (one week or less is already very long time for me of  having no online/blog activity. No worries guys because am still here alive and kicking. And never came into my mind to abandoning you, my blog. :-) Another thing that am still awake is that it's going to be feeding and medicine time of my baby love, hence, I have to wait or else I would be completely dozed-off already and you know what that mean. Yes, the medicine and her milk-time would be in compromise. Now, am going to boiled a water to let her bottled of milk sits to warm it. It is already time so I have to go. And so I can already sleep. Let's call it dawn/morning time. Whew! The Cacai's journey of being a SAHM. :-) Tired but fulfilling. I feel great despite of the sleepless nights, exhaustion and alike. Her smile and comfort is just an exchange of everything!


  1. Happiness said...
    Good morning Baje. Hope everything is fine. It's bee a long time since we last talked on the phone. I miss you
    Cacai M. said...
    Am fine baje.. just need someone nga mkaabag-abag nko og bantay ani'ng gamay nko kapoy kaau ako ra isa oi, kapoy sge'g dumog og kiss ako ra isa. hahaha! Bitaw, am fine. Laag pod dre panagsa.. wla pa ka kita ni Sam2x sa personal. Miz u too!
    Travispoy11 said...
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