February 18, 2012

No, I am not here to talk about those complicated piece of parchment paper or blueprint that architects and the likes carry around like trophies or treasures, I am actually here to talk about a much more complicated subject, to non-professionals like me that is, hardwood floor cleaning. Ever found yourself in that position where a little child accidentally spilled strawberry juice on your hardwood floor and you don’t have any inkling on how to remove the stains at all?

I guess a lot of us have been in the same situation once or twice in our lives and based on experience, and much researching online on tips and how-to’s, we have found the most effective way of keeping a clean floor without succumbing to the pressure of getting ourselves one of those industrial floor machines to help us get the job done fast and easy in the floor planning journey. Although it will really be of great help to have one in the house. Mopping away the spillage right away always does the trick, though, to prevent the liquid from seeping through the wooden floors. For those liquids that will leave stains and mar the beauty of your flooring, you can always use a small amount of vinegar to wipe off the spots. In case of crayon markings and chewing gum, though, you have to use a bag of ice covered with cloth over the stain to remove them. Other complicated stains and spills will have to require re-sanding and re-coating which can you can either venture to do on your own or hire someone experienced to tackle the task.


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