December 09, 2011

I am lack of sleep and I need to sleep. Hmmm... maybe I am still sleepy! LOL. Anyway, yes I admit I need more sleep. My busy days knock on me again. Hoping this week I can regain my sleeping period. I know it is just a matter of being organize especially when there is a baby juggling with a household chores. I just came to the point of searching out more disadvantages of having lack of sleep. I am sure it is not good but  I want to share what I found.

This is just a research made by me. This is also serves as a warnign for all of us. Read here! " Sleep disorders and chronic sleep loss can put you at risk for: Heart disease , Heart attack, Heart failure, Irregular heartbeat , High blood pressure , Stroke , Diabetes and more. " Scary but I just found it online.


  1. Chie_Wilks said...
    same here sis..i always have lack of sleep..ako sleeping time ky 5-hrs average.ushay wala pa. in ur case sis since you are mothering, you should give urself a beauty
    Henry said...
    Hello Cacai! Thanks for sharing this. after reading your post, nagtxt ako sa friend ko about sa mga possible na sakit na makukuha sa pagpupuyat at kulang na tulog. Tinakot ko lang ayaw makinig. haha

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