November 11, 2011

 I would like to remind everyone that this blogs means a lot to me. This is where my journey's begin more than two years ago, though, it's just random thoughts written on here but it's worth it especially when you read along from beginning up to current . If I recall the day that I started to think and plan to start blogging , it was unforgetable one. I read a lot of facts and reviews about blogging before but then I don't have that strong spirit to start at once. Until one day that I decided to start and made this blog which is entitled Cacai's Steps and Journey originally and then a good friend of mine suggested to eliminate the "s" word after Cacai, that is why on my header the "s" word on it is kinda different from other letters,as you can see. Just like other blogger, we all say that blogging makes fun (and torture too.. ahemmm.. LOL! yes, torture if you can't blog because something's happen with the PC or the Internet!),  YES I agree!


  1. faye said...
    hi! cai, just followed u on twitter,pls do the same.have a nice day!
    Elvirah said...
    True, i could nt blog for almost a week once when i got sick. But that was okay, it sometimes happens. It definitely makes happy when someone appreciates my work and that motivates me more not to give up blogging anytime.
    Cacai M. said...
    Yes, I did. Thanks Te Faye.

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