September 03, 2011

Liquid foodies like a soup or any kind of menu which has liquid on it, cooked foodies (even sauteed foods have little liquids, so most cooked foods). Be it a cooked one or uncooked. A lifestyle that has a combination of modern and old-school way in me, brings  back the latter way. Since we don't have a certain stuff that grinds the waste foods which then can easily throw away in the sinks, I use the old-fashion way of straining it. Yes, so the solid ones will be separated. In that way, it won't get stack in our in-sink making our in-sink errator happy. I just only use the in-sink errator when emergency, hoping though that stack stuff(s) down there is just soft and can be grind-ed. Using strainer for me, makes my job (of separating the solid and liquid of a menu or foods) easier. I just have to put the waste combination of solid and liquid foods into it and strain in a running water. Then put into a cellophane before putting it on the trash box.

What about you, do you do like what I do? Straining foods waste in a running water? How do you like it?


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