September 28, 2011

Undergoing difficult times in life is one huge trial and Cacai M. considered it as spices as we travel here in the journey of life. Sometimes it is best to just be silent and let the silence heals its wound. It may not be as hard times for others but to one, it is. Nevertheless, it is a wound and let there be a cure. There is a reason for everything and one day at a time this one, can cope up and adjust what has should not, or at least on her past inner feelings. I know this one, should not get excited and should have seen the other side of the edge, but as said, never has it appeared it happens. Tests and exams were extremely fine. But then... On the lighter note, it is beyond science, I would just think it as that way. It is not good to overpower knowledgeable humans because I believe they are doing great and are amazing persons. In fact, they extended the precious little one's ... , and yes, they are amazing, the team are amazing! I believe, she'll be fine. Until then. Thanks for the prayers. 

(I know this is something's not a  direct intent of naming who and what, but please I like it this way. And thank you for understanding. If you are my close friend(s) and family circle(s), you already know what I meant or you ought to know what this meant. Thank you! And again, thank you for the prayers and everything!)


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