August 16, 2011

And the kitchen journey continues. As I said in my other post that I want to cook the baking ingredients I had before my delivery date. To that, I can guarantee the freshness and the time I allocate. You know having a baby in the so-called "fourth trimester" , which is the one-three months after she born is the sleepless nights (as well as days). I can feel the time collapse. The busy days as a new mom. And so I have to begin cooking it this night. I wanted to move it tomorrow but I already told my friend, Te Claudine, that I will going to cook/bake it this day. Well, it's already night and haven't been doing it. But for sure, I will since she will going to visit me tomorrow very early morning for our breakfast hot milk time (or coffee for her) with the rice cakes am going to bake. I hope it will turn out good as the first time I did. This will be my second time so am a bit confident. Char! But am I doing? Am still here. Okay, minutes from now I will start it. I have the ingredients out so I just have to measure and mix, then the steps of the cooking/baking in the oven through steaming. 

I just ate the four pieces fried plantain I cooked. I ate it with butter and sugar with water since it is already a bit sweet. I can tell you, it's yummmy-licious! "Love-my-own" I know but really, my taste loved it. When I don't like the way I cook, I also tell the truth, to what am expecting. Anyway, let me go now and see yah around. Thanks for reading or the visit. God bless and all the best! ~hugs&kisses~


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