August 28, 2011

I tend to write and talk for good vibes. Positive vibes, and how could I be happy in lieu of the negative happenings happened (or about to happen, there is always this). Looking forward on how to deal the situation optimistically. I have to calm myself first then do the thing it should have to. After all, we are not here in this life if we just have to suffer. Life is a choice of whether to accept what happened and move on. Never regret but always keep the lesson learned. 

We have a choice of whether to be grumpy, sad, miserable or be happy. Life is beautiful so we have to enjoy it. Rich or poor, we are entitled for happiness. But mind you, in simplicity, we experience true contentment but of course, it is great being fancy. The point is strive for excellence and know where we stand (in the community, to others, of ourselves) and most especially, know where to stop. It is just easy to say it, right? But then I believe, we will be equipped with what we deserve to know in due time and make it then as an armor in this journey of life. Yes, know when to stop! There's no sense of going if you can see that you will be lost.


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