August 24, 2011

Obviously not spam comments on blog(s), but the spam canned goods. You like spam, don't you? Then good for you if your answer is yes, but not me. I keep on buying spam canned goods. I tried the usual or the original flavor, the less fat one and how many times I bought it for myself for breakfast or any time I want to eat canned goods. I see it as beef loaf or "ma-ling" . But, there's a huge BUT, why? That is because my taste bud won't take it. It's insane for many who like to eat spam, to think about what my respond unto it. I just can't take it. I feel sorry on my taste bud. How many cans I tried and won't eaten all because as what I said, I can't take it. 

Just recently, I tried again hoping I can take it already. You bet, still I can't take it yet. And DH won't eat too. What I am trying to do is to mix it on vegetables to which I like eating this time. Lately,  I mixed it on the sauteed long beans. It is just perfect because I don't have pork to mix for the sauteed long beans and at the same time, I maximize the use of the spam. It tastes great for me. This is my first time for this recipe and am glad I thought of doing such! Later or tomorrow I will mix the other remaining spam canned goods to the vegetable gourd. I can't wait for my other recipe.  :-)


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