August 19, 2011

Should it be this dawn time, or tomorrow? Am in for catching-up on my kitchen journey goal, to cook all my baking/cooking dessert ingredients before my tummy will pop-up in the midst of the first "ber" month of the year. *thinking*

I charged a good energy. Slept the whole day. And aside from that it got me into thinking that I could save electricity because it is off-peak hours. Lately as we arrived home after the baby care class DH and I attended, we just found out that bathroom's ceiling heater was on. That was almost three hours the ceiling heater was on and all the windows in the house were open. I know, DH accidentally turned it on, the switch is near the power light. He thought he turned off the light, yes he did but on the other hand, he powered-on that ceiling heater there. What a waste of bucks. But then it was not intentionally. And so I thought having the energy wasted break-even and so I am contemplating if I have to cook the maja blanca now. The ingredients were already out, ready to mix. Should I have to, or not? I am asking myself. Ha ha! Let's see where this contemplating journey goes. :-)


  1. reyapot said...
    pahingi sis pag naluto ha :-)
    Cacai M. said...
    Sure! Naluto na at kinain ko na ang dalawang maliit na container. hehe!

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