August 06, 2011

Whilst I know the importance of hot spring to a weak body, the bath salts come to let me know its importance as well. Okay, I have seen, heard about the latter but never in my life I use them but just putting salt on the  water when being hit by rain showers (my folks belief) so a person won't catch cold. Would you also believe what my folks said? Whatever it is, I do it most of the time. :-) Now when it comes to bath salts of legend, I just knew about the himalayan bath salts and got excited about its uses to which it has more than function and benefits to a person's body compared to  dead sea salt which it has been said it heals the body and relax the nervous system through its mineral salt. Curiosity speaks to steps on knowing such imagining its uses. Just by that dead sea salt uses already makes sense plus it offers more of such! I better check it out more for myself and my family's health journey.

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  1. analou said...
    Bath salts baje are very popular in the store where I work. I tried it before when amy co-worker gave it to me and it did felt good.

    Kumusta naman u Baje oi?

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