August 23, 2011

Apron and other kitchen stuffs are essential in cooking. That "other stuffs" are good for cleaning for nail toes and the other one I used it for cleaning in the kitchen, those stuffs are the two favorite brushes to which got lost. The other stuff that I searched everywhere  but to no avail was the two aprons and two pot holders, my other favorite as well. It began when we moved here. There was no way DH put those in garbage because he knew how I like to have such aside from such other brush is his favorite too. I started looking that kind of soft big brush in the store where I bought before but unfortunately no stocks of it anymore. Should I have to buried it in my memory so I won't be thinking of it anymore? Would it helps for me? I don't think it was stolen but the problem is where is it now? I need those aprons and pot holders! Grrr! How I wish I could recall where I put those stuffs. Thinking and rethinking then searching won't help because I haven't found it. Maybe I will just wait that I could remember. Not that I have to wait it will go out and reach on my hand, of course.


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