July 21, 2011

Our home is the most important place among any other places. It is where we have to bond our family and even friends. What more can we think of having it comfortable, safe and have a great atmosphere we like to live with. We might want it develop from time to time. One step of developing such is to change from carpeted floor to tile and even plain tile to mosaic tile ones. Yeah, you maybe thinking that as of now. Well, there are many different varieties of mosaic tiles to choose from anyway. Just do not be confused to choose. *smile* One of those varieties is glass mosaic tile which for me is beautiful and great to put in any part of the house. In this journey of changing it, we may like to have a bulk or just one variety for all the floors in kitchen, living room, bathroom or even in the bedrooms. It is great to step-on what we really like to, right? What I like with glass tiles is easy to clean and elegant to look at.

And what about the walls, should we have to match it with the glass mosaic tiles on the floors that we already choose (if that's what we choose)? It might be great too. When we have glass mosaic tiles, it is also great to pair the walls with mosaic wall tile as well to incorporate it with others and looking uncrowded. Then we have a great home ambiance that our family love. :-) What do you think?


  1. bbtoo said...
    "hey there!Hi there giving you a Saturday visit. Have a nice weekend"
    Cacai M. said...
    Thanks for the visit bbtoo! Will swing on yours as well. :-)

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