July 31, 2011

At first I was skeptical about it. Yes, my reading journey absorbed unto my head. I read it out somewhere from a reliable source that it is not good to eat banana fruit after sunset is not advisable. And I put it on my mind. From then on I won't eat banana fruit after sunset. Not until lately. I was tempted. And I ate the half one. I was also testing if it would hurt my tummy as it has been said, it will. The reason is simple: it won't be dissolved because it is already night time after then. Our body isn't active anymore unless if you are going to have a work-out during night time, maybe. But then currently, my tummy is heavy and it did effect. I don't really know much if it's something but one thing I know is I ate it, that's reasonable enough. Next time I won't take a chance, I won't eat banana fruit after sunset anymore to avoid something or what. Just to be in a safe side. After all, there are many fruits available aside from banana.

I have to research more about this. Let's check it out! On the other hand, one thing I know, am sticking to my decision of not eating banana after sunset.


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