July 24, 2011

If you plan to step-out the entire summer season, I suggest you invest on a couple of sunblocks with spf100 to protect your skin from the scorching summer heat from the sun on your journey along. It is also most wise to buy a pair of durable, versatile and funky sunglasses to keep your eyes protected from the sun’s blinding rays! Consider buying something that is both fashionable and highly-functional. Also, think about which style or designs will go well with the outfits you plan to wear on each summer activities you have lined up. It's great to have prescription glasses for such that go along with the style and weather. Don't just worry about the darker glasses frames that blend well with your summer dresses or laid back plaid easy polo is also of paramount importance. You wouldn’t want the pink flowers in your maxi dress clashing with the leopard or tiger print of your sunnies’ frames, right? It is such a big no, no! I suggest you go for the neutral and easily adaptable shades, like black and brown which are the usual staples. If you want to be a bit bold with your fashion statement and wants to capitalize on fun summer color you might consider something in the pastel shades like baby blue or light pink. They would easily blend well with your whites and plains. Enjoy and have fun!


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