June 17, 2011

I was on my journey of my prenatal pregnancy one day. And I was not being entertained directly due to a patient that has to attend more of his/her time. That is why it is fine with me because it is an excuse. So what I did was to look around. Then I saw many clinic stuffs and one of it is an ecg (ElectroCardioGram known as ECG or EKG) . I actually don't know what is it until I ask the assistant, yep, that's how naive I am when it comes to some hospital or clinic stuffs. Well, it's not my thing you know, you can't blame me. Hehheh! And then that question didn't end in there but ask of what is it, ha! Okay, it is a machine/diagnostic tool use to measure and record the electrical activity of the heart. Then, I knew. :-) Ah, some kind of naive journey huh! Hehe! There's some individual who can afford to buy this stuff but mostly hospital or clinics only does have.


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