June 17, 2011

How was your day folks? I hope you have an awesome one. I know some of you think it's already Saturday but then I based this on my time. *wink* Well, it isn't bad, isn't it? Friday is a fly-day? As in flying -away from work because most folks don't have work on the next two days afterwards. Hence, thanks God it's Friday! One can have a happy night because no work on the next day. This is usually a co-workers night as I said it's the last day or I might have to say night as co-workers can bond together, so it's beer time! Oops! ;-) For me, not that so good because I missed my ob-gyn appointment for my sugar test but then I already rescheduled it the next week so not that bad. :-) Ooh how did I missed it, huh! Ooh well, better not to tell but embrace the moment. Ha! Alright, I woke-up before 9 am (my scheduled appointment) but I never realized I need to get up and go for it, I just totally forgot. Grrr! And I woke-up already passed 12 noon. Ha! By next time, I have to put a note on my phone and alarm it after I received my appointment schedule. Oops, I have to do it now or else sorry for me. I need not to do it again. But then still, it's a happy Friday! I hope you have a great one. ~hugs&kisses~


  1. kat said...
    yay, nalimtan man ang check-up...giganahan ug tulog ang buntit hehehe.
    Cacai M. said...
    hehehe.. tinuod jud ka Te Kat.. haha!

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