June 02, 2011

The birthday celebrant with her daughter Celyn, blowing the candles.
Above is the group and left below is the family of the celebrant, Au. Then Dorie and I on the right.

My very first friend in the place where I resides now was having her birthday on the first day of June. We have the same birth country and of course, time varies here in USA and when it's June 1st already there, it's not yet here. Technically, she celebrated twice. *wink* And Dorie and I surprised to visit her during her Philippines time birthday, which is May 31st here. She was happy on our visit and that's what really counts. She's a treasured friend and am happy seeing her happy. Along with our visit was my birthday lovely fresh flowers, ice cream cake and a birthday card. The cake wasn't personalized as I wanted but it's fine. Haven't had my birthday gift as I used to give but that made her so I am also happy. We had fun. She brought us to Maxx Restaurant, strolling, chikkas and etcetera. We were with her only daughter, Dorie and I. Her husband wasn't able to come but he was there when we arrived and he's happy and grateful. He is cool. Some of my friends too wasn't able to come but then it's fine, maybe they can make it next time. All in all, it was a fun birthday celebration of her. She did not think I can remember her birthday but I always will. Thanks by the way to Dorie and her husband by the way for the transportation and for getting me the ice cream cake near her resident. It was a rush event. *wink*)
Above were our pics outside the resto. At left with Dorie and Celyn and at right, me with the birthday celebrant with her daughter. Below are my faces inside the resto of Maxx Restaurant in West Covina, Los Angeles, was about six months pregnant.

Happy birthday again Au. muahhhhugs!


  1. reyapot said...
    hi sis.. belated happy birthday to your friend..
    Cacai M. said...
    Hi Reya, sure I will tell her. And thanks! :)

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