April 10, 2011

How many of you here is taking up a college course of nursing? Knowing that health professions are in-demand nowadays especially the nursing job, for sure you already know what it is or at least the work of such. It is a great profession of taking care sick people and it is a rewarding job, so to say. Are you currently taking up nursing? Where did you studying? Are you getting or pursuing it in online as online nursing degree or you go to the traditional school? Whatever it is, I wish you all the best and the having such and soon enough working on that field. Again, it is a decent and rewarding job, that is why I vow to the nurses. I even think  when I was young of stepping unto this course but then I got the other one. But no regrets, maybe one day I will. Good luck to me then, if so, and God bless to the nurses!


  1. Nonoy said...
    Being a nurse is an honorable job. I hope all nursing students will end up having jobs in their country or abroad.
    Cacai M. said...
    Yeah, you're right Noy. I am with you.
    Eric Graham Reviewed said...
    Taking up nursing course these days are still on its top level especially with those countries where the demand of health care services are ever-increasing. However, there are countries where the studies of nursing is decreasing especially those countries in which their hospital are over-staff and could not cater all the newly registered ones just like what happened in India and Philippines.

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