March 27, 2011

Have you ever recall how many times (or maybe have not yet) you changed your cellphone or mobile phone battery? When I was still in my birth country, I used to change my mobile phone battery (not only once but more than two, for more than two mobile phones on my whole use of phones) but here in USA, I haven't changed even once. I do not know but maybe because of my provider or the phone I got. Or maybe I do not use it as often as I used to way-back then (unlimited text, haha!) but more on calls. I also use the speaker on my phone so it is not a big deal for me handling such for long. ;-) My first phone here in US of A is motorola (the standard flip type) which drowned in a basin of water accidentally. But the for sure if it needed a battery, I can only select in motorola batteries as if it's not the motorola type, it would not function. Even if the phone isn't battery dead but keeps on getting lowbatt (low battery) even if you just charged it, then that is the clear proof that it needs a  new battery (unless if your phone is not good anymore). What about you, would you often changed battery on your phone? Do you use your phone longer than normal period of momentary use? How was your phone battery?


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