February 24, 2011

There are times I can say I have a good appetite today. This does mean, I love eating! Phew! But that is normally what I can feel when I miss the food that much and seems do not have something obstacles in mind. I can say, seems everything are under control. Mood also affects appetite, you know. When you have a healthy life (or the opposite), more likely you have a good appetite (as in, talking about the opposite way, the stress and problems can be comforted through eating foods). The better if you have a healthy life though it still not that good since if it spoils, it will turn to unhealthiness and medical problems if not taken cared. It needs something or a will to suppress such good appetite like burning fats, exercising and any other means including appetite suppressants (pills) should you like to do so. Well, the good appetite which resulted to obese has to be stopped or make an effort not to develop into overweight. In that way, there's nothing major trouble when it comes to medical. I hope candidates for such obese will make an effort before it is too late. We should always remember that "health is wealth" and we do not have nine lives like a cat. That is why we should always take good care of our health. God bless and all the best!


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