February 25, 2011

In my journey of having a vacation last November for 15 days in my birth country, I managed to eat and do what I want though it's not all but mostly. During those days I stay, the Philippines taste I had, ate what I had missed while living in my currently community with my hubby. I got to swim as I want and eat seafood as I want to. One of those foods,  is sea urchin (image shown below).
Sea urchin or " tuyom " (in bisaya dialect) is very common in the place where I was raised (either places where I was molded (younger days and teen). My maternal grandfather and uncles down to my cousins know how to get this thorny sea creature. We eaten this raw or ceviche " kinilaw "style of preparation with vinegar, salt, ginger, onion (root and leaves), lime/lemon and some put tomato to taste. On my paternal side, my aunt (whom witnessed and by my side during my teenage years and up until now, she's great) and grandmother used to buy it and we love it much!
sea urchin's meat
There are actually different colors, name and meat of sea urchin but I only knew two. And above is the best sea urchin's meat for me (" swaki " in bisayan dialect).


  1. Star-chuu said...
    makain pala yan cai? ciguro masarap yan.
    Mel Avila Alarilla said...
    I have never tasted the meat of a sea urchin before. I did not even know that it's meat is edible. I used to dread that sea creature because I was pricked once by its porcupine like thorns in Matabungcay, Batangas and the sensation was painful. I remember I was already panicking, imagining the thorn to be embedded deep inside my feet until some knowledgeable elder told me to just put calamansi or vinegar to counteract it. I did and I was relieved immediately. I did not know then nor even now that it's meat is edible. Thanks for the information. God bless you all always.
    analou said...
    I think I have eaten this once Baje and I am sure my brother and father tasted this one before. Cge man gud me manginhas sauna unahan sa Dinah Beach ug I remember gipanglakag mea sa bahag-bahag...
    Cacai M. said...
    Oo Te Star, makain iyan.. as in ang sarap2x nyan..

    @ Kuya Mel, it is indeed audible and how we get rid of its porcupine when we're pricked is put our own fresh urine on it, hehehe! But it does cured. Thanks for sharing about putting calamansi or vinegar, I have new knowledge about it now.. thanks Kuya Mel!

    @ An, hehe.. unsa'y bahag2x? lami kaau ni xa baje.. naa mn baligya nga naana sa celophane daan, as in pure meat na jud xa but mahal lagi.. pero sge lang ky as in kalami..

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