January 20, 2011

In other countries like Philippines, school starts already on the first Monday of this month. While here in USA or other countries, it just started or about to start (it is either next week or the week after next week) for Spring semester (USA has three or four semesters: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter). With that, school supplies are on their way out or to take on. School supplies store or department is already busy then especially talking about making their own supplies like making documents binding stuffs which use VeloBind supplies or any other alike. In college, one time my schoolmates and I made a notebook which compose of bond papers and other materials. We could have use such velobind for another variety then, if only we know it before. :-) 

(This time as I am back going to school, materials were being kept in one binder which is already prepared for us. We just have to pay for its material fee which is excluded on the class fee.)


  1. Happiness said...
    Have fun in school my friend. I miss school too.
    Mel said...
    i got an award for you sis.
    see my blog http://www.melhibiscus.com/
    yen said...
    agoy Cai, wla nalang nako gi garage sale kay murag maabtan kog months cgro for it.

    bcta diay ko dris imong place

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