January 14, 2011

Can you tell there are errors (in terms of arrangement of utensils and obviously one food) in an image below? Yes, there are four mistakes! Can you find it? I should have to say, obviously! Sorry about it, I ran out of time that was why I just put it as what you see. I know it right after it was arranged (the day after such actually since I already have time to search it out how. Hehehe! Sorry about this.)

And so about what I displayed above (you can enlarge through clicking the image), it was what I prepared on Christmas Day. The highlight was a hamonado-de-pinya or pineapple ham since that was my first cook of such recipe. I got such recipe from my maternal aunt-in-law which before Christmas of two years ago, I thought of how tasty her ham was when I was still there in Philippines. She usually cooked and served it during fiesta but since there is no fiesta here in USA and ham is the main food during Christmas then I planned and got her recipe through text and call. Ha! What a silly me. After that, I was not satisfied since I want to see a video or picture how it was being made. You know, ingredients are not cheap and I do not want to messed it or wasted. I was intimidated of my curiosity actually. And when I went to the wet market to buy such pork upper leg, I found nothing just enough for three or four people, it was big so I decided not to buy. Until Christmas 2010 came, still such pork upper leg could found nowhere as the size I wanted. And so I settle of small one which fit to my standard which do not have skin just few fats (I wanted the fats and the skin as well) but that was fine. And so that was it. I also baked two cakes (red velvet cake and carrot cake from Betty Crocker) which ended up looks like only one and haven't artistically completely done. But it ended up taking off the frosting as DH preferred it nothing, too much sugar is no good. For some other foods in there (other than I mentioned lately) were ready-made barbecue chicken, broiled catfish, Christmas-sy decorated cupcakes, fruit cocktail and cheese breads. Together with the foods are martinelli and sprite for the drinks. Let's eat and Cheers!

And this is my Food Trip this Friday! (Again sorry for the arrangement of the utensils and the undone cake)


  1. ♥FoodTripFriday♥ said...
    wow sis! ang dami nyo naman handa,yummy!!!
    Chuchie | Chie Wilks said...
    wow..yummy foodies sis..bahalag undone ng cake kay kaonon jud nku na..it looks delicious!
    AC said...
    onga pretty sis cai! ang dami nyan ha! just for the 2 of you? ang sarap naman!!! your hubby must be so proud of you to cook all those! at nag bake pa! wow naman... impressive!!!
    Clarissa said...
    whoa!Ang dami nyong handa sistah Cacai!Talagang pinaghandaan mo talaga ang noche buena nyo^_^

    Happy 2011 to you and your family and Happy FTF dear^_^
    ☺lani☺ said...
    Who cares about the arrangement, as long as the food you prepared taste good :) Happy Sunday!
    Dhemz said...
    madam sis, naglaway jud ko sa inyong handa woi...as in! bongga man kau...kalami....:)

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