December 25, 2010

What have you done last night as for your Christmas eve? Do you have "Noche Buena" or you don't believe it? If you do, do you party it with your family or your friends? Or your special someone? Whoever you are with, I know you are happy and enjoying as you celebrate and commemorate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior and Holy One.

Now, what did you cooked? Did you have a do-it-yourself foods? As for me, I cooked hamonada-de-pinya (Filipino-style) for my highlight. I have such recipe from my aunt in Magting (a place in Philippines where I grew-up) which I remembered it last year and call at the same time texted her how to cook it. She gave me the recipe and I had some research online, some video since it is my first time and it is only here USA I know how to cook (excluding the basic ones like cooking rice) especially the foods here (it's just foods here are already in pack which is easy to prepare, well not all, but mostly). Then little by little (well, it took me hard to learn it. Hahaha! *blush*) I learned it and pictured it out how. I did not take a chance on experimenting because ingredients are not cheap. Only to find out last year that there was no meat available (well, I shopped on the 11th hour) but how many kilos it was. I settle for nothing but not until last night. I did it how I wanted its taste, honestly. And I could not be proud of myself. Can you figure it now, how it look-like? A hint, I had pork butt (in lieu of pork upper leg which I wanted to but it is very big so I settled for a butt. I will post picture and its recipe on other post next time. For now, I have to great you all, Merry Christmas! ~hugs~


  1. ♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...
    Happy New Year,Cai!!!
    GAGAY said...
    happy new year te cai! btw, i updated my blog list in all of my blogs and included this blog of yours..hope to see my blog links here too..happy Blogging!GodBless!

    I am...but GAGAY.
    Pinoy Medical Doctor
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