January 14, 2011

For 15 days from flight going and back including, I managed to enjoy every minute of my vacation there in my birth country, Philippines. Though there are some that I was not able to do and meet (sorry to those folks), still it was fun and full of life relaxation away from the house. Oops, I did not mean I do not like staying our rented-apartment abode with my DH but sometimes times like this is needed. I was not able to update much while I was there and even haven't contacted much my husband (blessed to have an understanding and thoughtful husband) due to Internet connection. I was using globe tattoo USB connection to satellite but not so sure if it was the problem or the location. Most of the time, it was slow as in s-l-o-w. But then as I said, I was having fun. Pictures coming soon. ;-)

For now, I will share to you my ever want  most craved roasted pig (lechon/litson in Philippine language which it is one of the famous foods in there) fresh from where it was cooked with my paternal family (minus one) father,  stepmom and step siblings (minus one) .

father, brother Dong, youngest sis Lovely, step mom, me and brother Ling

Have a great day! Enjoy the coming weekend!


  1. analou said...
    Kalame sa litson. Hope pag-ako napod mag-uli makakaon napod unta ko ug litson.
    Chuchie | Chie Wilks said...
    wow..nauli diay ka diri sa Pinas sis..sus lamia kaau ng lechon. Murag pagudpod kaau og panit...it is good nga you enjoyed every minute of your vacation sis..esp. kay kaaubang ang family

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