July 09, 2010

Where will you plan to spend your summer fun and more activities? Would you like to stay in an expensive and elegant places like Dubai? Imagine the spectacular beauty of Dubai for your summer journey? Where will you stay then?
As what we knew Dubai is one of the most wealthy nation in the world. It is a beautiful deserted place but with the technology and innovation with the help of its wealth, Dubai have built a lot of different spots just like the largest man-made island in the world called "Palm Jumeirah" which sits an amazing Burj Al Arab spectacular unique design which is the only seven star hotel in the world. Now, that is the power of innovation, the power of technology. The power of mind, the power of the hands of the people working at it, above all the power of wealth with the choice of simplicity. Both? You can have it all. But how would you like to stay near the eighth wonder of the world? It could be heaven for me, if you ask. Just by looking at the place, you can tell the amazing beauty and the curiosity you may want to indulge yourself after your hard work and all that works. One need to enjoy the beauty of strolling, enjoying the nature, shopping and all that trails you wanted to do. It would be a memorable and spectacular journey. We only live once so we gotta enjoy it. Fun, fun, fun! And at the end of the day you have a lot of choice among the spectacular breathtaking Dubai Hotels which makes you comfortable and feel the luxury (or simplicity of stay of your choice) you deserve.
What about indulging the beauty of water? Yes, any activity which involves water, fun and nature strolls are mostly what folks want especially summer time. Ooh well, that also includes going to a deserted places just like the seven nation of Arab Emirates but Dubai would be my number list, if you ask me albeit the scorching of the sun, after all I have choices -- name it and you can have it! That would be fun, that would be heaven. After all, you are searching and dreaming to land the beauty of Dubai. We gonna embrace the journey of summer fun! Let's get to the deserted Dubai land, enjoy the resort at the same time and relax at the comfort of one of  Dubai Hotels at your choice. :)


  1. analou said...
    I heard that Dubai is an expensive place to visit and stay too. Well, who knows if I win the lottery I can visit there someday.
    Lulu Post said...
    adto unya ta didto mareng ug madatu na ta
    Anne said...
    kuyog ko
    *♥Shydub♥* said...
    Tsang mao ni sa ky anne? kuyuga ko lulu ug adto ka ha. Dala ta panlaban sa sibuyas
    Dhemz said...
    I would love to visit Dubai...:) apil pod ko madam sis mokuyog pod ko...ehehehe!

    sige lang ug wala ka kadaug madam sis...hope next 2 giveaways ikaw na ang mananaug...ehehehe!
    edward said...
    Dubai is expensive place,but it is simply awesome.Vacations in Dubai refreshes the soul.Extremely superb site.Thanks

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