July 29, 2010

You may not like it but it is more than I like, as in I love eating vegetables! Am not a vegetarian since I also eat meat. It is just that I was brought up eating vegetables, it is his/her (blind item to protect the person) taste, or whatever which trigger his/her something when eating such. Just like mixed vegetables with coconut milk "ginataang-gulay" cuisine. Some told as vegetables are just only for cows, carabao or any other animal eating grass. As I heard someone said it (actually close relative but was not brought-up eating vegetables), it hurt at first but then I heads up! Yes, I just said unto myself "I don't care!". Ha ha ha! Well, folks are different that is why we are unique in our own way. Though it is taught in the school that eating this would make us healthy but still some folks won't like it. Hem. Whatever! Kiver (expression)! Ha ha ha.
Usual foods together with this cuisine is salty foods as in fried, dried and salted fishes, or any kind of meat. With what I ate last week was with dried fish. I broiled it so no oil as coconut milk has oil with it, naturally from coconut. Sometimes folks I also like eating it with fried dried fish. Then paired with juice drink or any soft drinks like sprite, seven-up, coke or alike.

It's eating time!


  1. analou said...
    Perte kalame...Panghatag if naapa salin.
    Dhemz said...
    agoy kalami...imo man jud ko permi gpalaway madam sis woi....mingaw na nuon ko sa pinoy foods da...wala pako kabalo ug naa ba filipino store dire...ehehehe!

    naulian na imong PC?

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