July 28, 2010

I got a tip about how to protect credit/debit card accounts from yahoo news. As I was browsing some relevant information (though this next thing is not from yahoo news but quiet interesting which worth a time), I got bumped with this RFID thing which can be found in identification stuffs like what everyone has in their wallets. Example for this are driver's license, debit/credit cards, state identification and many more which shows a personal information which is very much prone for identity theft. With this RFID which give info for whatever we want to have, in other way, "bad guys" are also wanting it, even if its inside your purse/wallet! Good thing, there's this RFID blocking wallet which is one way to help protect our information from this negative individuals.
In our life's journey, we know that "bad guys" are just in the corner. They are anywhere. Yes, they maybe happy of what they have come (if they win) but sooner or later, their conscience will haunt them down, rotten and fall them little by little. That is guaranteed in the name of goodness. But yes, we cannot protect of what we have if we just depend on that, we also need some action physically as of mixing them together could free us as their victim. May they will be enlightened that doing bad things to other would not make them happy (maybe not sooner, but later), ever!


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