July 29, 2010

Basically, most women handle the shopping job. Either we like it or not we have to! Well, doing shopping is stressful but nevertheless, the end thing is we are happy and contented when our family has enough foods to eat and needed in the kitchen. We are also happy when we have good clothing. Well basic ones are the most important--not so particular with a lot of designs or "in" thing but what comfortable to wear, well bonus points to those who work a lot or can afford to buy those--they deserve it. For some women having a good lingerie is not important but lo and behold because that is the most important piece a person should need to have, for me. What do you think? Can you afford to have a good comfortable dress but deep inside there's something wrong or in the middle of special occasion you are uneasy because of it? How do you feel with that? ;-) Do you think it's fair? I hope you all the best. Oops! I love shopping especially if it is on-sale (or discounts and alike)! ~hugs&kisses~


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