July 06, 2010

(Guest post by Grayson Laughton)

My grandmother always saw me on the internet and told me she wished that they taught her that in school. I explained to her how easy it was to use the computer and how much easier life is when you have access to the internet. She was really interested and wanted me to teach her how to use it and the services she could have access to. It only took me a few hours how to teach her the basics of using the internet. I was able to make her an account on facebook, AARP, and even dating services. She was able to find other people her age with the same interest as her. She was also able to look up recipes and share her favorite family recipes with people. My grandmother was amazed how great all of these services were. She said that the computer really made her social life a lot better. In fact, she was able to see pictures of her family that she hasn't seen in years. It truly is a great way to keep connected with the world. My grandmother was even able to shop online. She needed new digital hearing aids so I showed her how to find miracle ear hearing aids prices. She was able to order them directly from miracle ear and have them delivered right to her door. She is very happy that the computer made her life so much easier in so many ways.


  1. Dhemz said...
    ayay! nakadakop na jud ug GP...ehehhehe!

    musta ang inyong 4th madam sis?
    AC said...
    naman... si lola techy... hahaha!!!

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