July 28, 2010

Step daughter Racky (her nickname) gave her Daddy and I a humble wonderful gifts and it arrived days ago. It is just now that I managed to put it in here. Diary, keep it in memory. I guess she does not know I am managing three blogs but then I presume it won't matter with her. Even so, it is no biggie deal. Speaking of the main attraction here, well, her wonderful gifts, she gave me girl stuffs from "bath and body works" which comprises of fragrant cherry blossoms lotion, body wash and anti-bacterial deep cleansing hand gel. Her dad got from her a electronic shave and a set of body spray. That is sweet of her.

I guess such present is an advance Christmas gifts sine her greeting card is "Merry Christmas" , well, if that so, it is also a perfect timing for Donald and I's anniversary on this month. On her greeting card, she puts her new address in there. I have marked it black as it is classified. 

That is her in the picture above. She now resides in New York to continue her schooling for nursing for third year and soon enough she will be on her fourth year. She is a smart one. She was crowned as Miss Jamaica-Florida and sent us her pics from the pageant. Thank you Racky!


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