July 02, 2010

I was told by our family doctor that I have to exercise even how many minutes a day or even twice a week but for long exec. I experienced shortness of breathing out and even breathing in that was why DH needed to brought me up to our doctor for consultation aside from my coughing without phlegm but no problem with my lungs, hard to identify eh? Oops, have you watch the television series of "monster inside me" ? Seems like it was such like but not so. The doctor then said, how did I exercise and I said this and that. She then gave me printed copies of information and details why sweating as to exercising is important. As to exercise, be it in a treadmill inside the house running or brisk walking, or either be outside as long I get to exercise. We have to burn the calories intake especially if we eat a lot -- whoops, pigging-out, that is. :)

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  1. Happiness said...
    MAo ba baje aglisod kag ginhawa? Na mag-exercise na jud ta dane para beauty parin kahit oldies na..lol..

    By the way Baje akong gi-add imong blog sa akong isa ka-blog kay waz man diay nako ma add.

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