May 12, 2010

It seems like there are many moms and fat women are just too busy nowadays. Some couldn't afford to maintain and watch their food intake (I include myself into this level) especially if sometimes foods are just too near and are too visible in our eyes that we ended up eating it anytime we want and every time we like to. Hem-mm... it's just that sometimes also it comfort us! Ha! You bet... sometimes when am sad, I feel hungry at the same time compared to not. Hem-mm.. is it just coincidence or is it really is? I am just lucky that I still can control myself because I think I grew up with just a minimal food. Ha ha! ;-) And seems like getting into quick weight loss is an "in" thing nowadays. As to my side, as long as one think about it many, many times {its great if millions :-) } before getting into conclusion, then I am with her/him. Really it is great to have a personal research about such in order that no regrets will happen because if you do, then that such a great emotional loss instead of weight loss. Ha ha! Aw.. seriously, it's not bad to get involve with technology and such as long as you are responsible enough of your own action. Personally, technology and alike will help you get better if you use it responsibly, don't you think?


  1. analou said...
    Bisayaon lang nako baje. Daghan mga tawo dire nga dapat mag-undergo or magtry dane kay daghan tambok dire. Wala jud paki-alam ang uban dire bisan tambok na kaayo sali lang japon kaaon ug dili mga healthy nga pagkaon....Ay!!! bistaglish dayne akong gisulat dire.
    ilovepink said...
    This is indeed a good and helpful information. I am now concious right now coz Im gaining.

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