April 01, 2010

Most said that March is March Madness, this month as April Fools... and I do not know what May is... but when I heard about the next month after April which is June is I could say "June bride".. heheheh.. definitely, it is a wedding month. Most folks like to be wed at June since for my own idea, it is summer. Certainly, it won't rain and there's no more mess than raining or some storm, right? So what this month would also be when talking about June wedding? Well, this is one of the month for planning like what could be the wedding favors are to be prepared, style, and other stuffs that compromises it. Since it is really great that a couple is already relax when it is already about to march for a special day as mark as their first day in God's unity, in the eyes of the public as well. I could not imagine how things are rush when stuffs are to prepare on an eleventh hour, isn't it? So good luck for the basic planning (since I know most couple like to put the most of the thinking to the wedding planner but the basic plan of course is from the couple)!


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