April 01, 2010

This is so far my first taste of pork blood stew or "dinuguan" here in US of A but definitely not my very first ate. I like this cuisine so much but yeah some folks think this is weird especially the Muslims?... Americans also would be shock of this cuisine but to other folks like me, it taste so good and so delicious! There are two ideas of color this cuisine is as what I have seen in my entire eating of this food. :) Some cook like to do the brown color pork blood stew and some likes to have the idea of black color though there are many ways of how they cook it, according to ingredients and measurements but all uses vinegar and spices. :)

black idea of cooking the pork blood stew

This cuisine is great if paired with white rice cakes or steamed rice. Then a bottle of 12 ounce soft drink afterward. :) That is it folks, have a great food trip Friday! Enjoy eating.. :)


  1. Cecile said...
    yummy :-); i seldom find pinoy resto that makes it so yummy like my mother or Liza from Alabama, kaya i order one to her and she ships it to me through mail...yum!
    Cacai M. said...
    Ooh yeah Te Ces.. am glad you found some cool resto.. yummy jud as in.. thanks for being here Te Ces.. muahhh!
    Dhemz said...
    ayay! kalami..naa pa diha madam sis?

    my Pancit Bihon is up!
    Clarissa said...
    That'S very delish for me,Cacai!!Hinde ako kumakain sa iba kung hinde mother ko ang magluluto that's why when we went back for a vacation,nagpaluto talaga ako sa kanya ng dinuguan!Ang asawa at kids ko naman they say Yuckky daw lol!Yours looks yummy,Cacai!

    Happy EAster to you and your family!^_^
    analou said...
    I love diguan especially from Red Ribbon. It's the best dinuguan I ever tasted.
    Cacai M. said...
    Hehehe.. aw o, ganahan mn diay ka og dinuguan noh? heheh.. waz na oi.. gi-hambas nah.. hehehe.. and surely, will see your pancit bihon later.. nag-fasting diay ka dha ky pancit bihon mn.. ako wla fasting krn..

    @ Te Clang, you're right --- it's not good to just buy in any resto but the resto I bought for this is such a bit classy, very clean surroundings and great ambiance. heheh.. Thanks Te Clang and Thanks for being here as well... muahhh!

    @ An, heheh.. first time nko og nka-eat dre.. and you know it.. :) I haven't been to red ribbon because I saw this as I bought the other foodies and looks so yum to me.. will try that red ribbon dinuguan you told me.. am sure mahal pod.. nevertheless, I will spend as long as am satisfied labi na dinuguan.. *winkz*

    We Ate This! said...
    Caaca, ikaw ra himo ani? Looks so yummy! I agree, dinuguan goes well with steamed rice or puto and downed with ice-cold soda. Hayyyy, busog jud@!
    Cacai M. said...
    Hi "We Ate This", nope I don't know how to cook dinuguan. :( I bought this sis.
    FoodTripFriday said...
    It's been a while since I last ate dinuguan and I do miss it too.

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