April 03, 2010

two inches high heeled

It was months already that am into buying a black pump shoes or a black close high heeled shoes for some formal occasion or going to church. It could also be use in time of interview moment, I mean an interview for a job (one day soon). So last week, the store that I am eye-ing of is having a sale and I saw this stuff, well, this pump shoes is not in-sale but nevertheless, I bought it. But at first, I really want that three inches or three and a half heeled but they don't have my size which is only seven. I tried it if it's okay to have an additional of a half but it can't so I just settled for this two inches. Ooh well, at least am a bit of comfortable because I have it already and at least am comfortable as if am just walking with my normal everyday shoes with in-sole stuff which is a flat shoes. But then still am chasing for the three inches or three and a half which I saw in an online store and it is on-sale (really the stuff is on-sale) and there is much inexpensive in our local store but a bit far. Ooh well, I want this one below.

Black Westies Barella of three and a half inches high heeled

Okay, am out there laugh out laughing of some sort because I can't have it for now, eh? Ooh yeah, I will just wait for the right time and a right budget.. heheheh.. :) Good luck for me.. aww... :)


  1. Dhemz said...
    agoy pagka sexy ani madam sis....:) nice kaau!
    Paula said...
    Hi, Checking links from BC Bloggers. If all things are ironed out you will hear from me tomorrow. Thanks for putting the badge. :)
    Mommy Diary
    Paula's Place
    WAHM sa Pinas
    One Southern Girl said...
    Thanks for stopping by Happily Southern! Following you back on twitter and google friend connect!

    Hope you are enjoying a great weekend!
    Anne said...
    lola, hoy! murag perting busyha man ka saimung mga blog ug cge lang ni ug shopping... kanindot ani talinis kaau... hehehe! goodluck lola hope swerti ni sa apply2x.

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